Sheba Girl

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I am Sheba Girl, the family's wonder dawg. I was adopted at a puppy give away by Dream Power Animal Rescue at a local pet store. I was needing some parents pretty quick that day...My mom, Lisa, saw me and fell in love with me. I was really small and very nervous but my new Mom and Dad made me part of their family. They paid some money, signed some papers, put me in the car and then down the road we three went! I am half Australian Shepard and half Border Collie and half the time too cotton pickin picky concerning what I want to eat. My nickname is "Stinky Butt." They still love me the same; even though I find it hard to wipe because of missing thumbs....I love Jesus, ice cream and my family.

For more information about pet adoption, put your paw here! Help 'em out! There are alot of good puppies there that need a good home and some good lovin'.....

"Lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord
My soul to keep"

I crossed the Rainbow Bridge this Palm Sunday 2017. I lived for 11 years with my parents when Jesus called me to Heaven. I am comfortable, no longer in pain, but I do miss my parents and my brother Lucky who I took care of while on earth. He is blind and I would take him outside to play along with other things and then bring him back inside my parent's home. I was his eyes and his big sister. We just hung around together and enjoyed life. I am now playing with all my family and friends, romping through fields of gold and sunshine. I will be waiting in Jesus' arms for you at the gate.....

Sheba Girl