Lucky Boy - the eating machine

Lucky Boy Picture Lucky Boy Haircut Picture
I am the latest addition to our family of three. I was adopted by accident from 4 Paws Rescue when my Mom and Dad were taking Sheba Girl the wonder dawg to get shaved at Petco. It gets hot in southern Colorado! I was sitting at a pet give away at the pet shop. They said that I looked goofy enough to take a stroll with Sheba Girl the wonder dawg; so we did take a short one. We got along perfectly, like sister and brother. So some more money, some more paper work, they dropped both of us off at the barber, and then took us home. I've been told that I have the most pleasant demeanor of any dawg (4 legged or 2 legged) that my family has ever met. I do have an uncontrollabe neurosis. I can eat 24/7 and not take a breath. Because of this I have earned the nickname: "fatso." I can't help it...I'm a dawg and I don't worry about my tubular waistline. btw..I am not foaming at the mouth, just eating Colorado snow......I love Jesus, ice cream and my family.

For more information about 4 Paws Rescue, put your paw here! Help 'em out! There are alot of good puppies out there that need a good home and some good lovin'.....

The photo on the right was taken during the summer of 2011. I just had received my summer haircut. It is a great way to lose a couple of pounds and to cool down in the Colorado summer heat. Stay Cooool.

This video is about me getting a midnite snack from Big Daddy. I love to eat at any hour! My waggin' tail tells the whole story!