Christian Appalachian Project

The CAP t-shirt logo on back Amy,the Queen of PR!
This is a great place to drop some tithing money! This organization provides support to the Appalachian region people. This is down home for our family. They have provided day to day care for the elderly, for disaster victims and for a bevy of other wonderful causes. I am particularly fond of the effort given to the Rockcastle County, Kentucky area because Rockcastle and Pulaski Counties are where we hail from. Their website at is extremely friendly and offers copious amounts of information how to donate time, money or effort. They will provide you with a monthly email with current topics and projects where donations go. They also sell books, area literature, and regional products for the Turkey Day and Christmas Holidays. Being of Scottish heritage, I am pretty tight on the dinero, so the endorsement of this organization is heartfelt and I believe that it is well founded and worth my money and your donation!

UPDATE: Summer 2012

I was able to visit the Headquarters of CAP during the summer of 2012 located near Renfro Valley, Kentucky. During the visit I was able to talk to Amy who does alot of things at CAP and she was able to take me on a small informal tour while there. There is a specific calling for her and others at this project. They are a wonderful bunch of people and I expressed my gratitude for the beautiful t-shirts which my wife and I wear. Alot of questions are asked about how to say the word Appalachia out here in Colorado! Amy, Thanks again for the t-shirts and the great work that you do for God and the people in the "Holyland"...