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Wilson Family

J. WILSON (b. IN (m1) N. ROY b. IN;)

The children of J. Wilson and M. Roy are:

JOHN FRANCIS WILSON SR. (PHOTOS) (b. 1874 Evansville IN (PHOTOS) ; d. Friday, 1 Feb 1952 Welborn Baptist Hospital Evansville IN, carcinoma of esphagus; MPOB IN; FPOB IN; res. Evansville IN 1920 Census, res. 1952 11 East TN St, Evansville IN at time of death (res. of Barney Herron and Margaret Wilson); 77 years old at time of death; Rev. H. Barr for funeral; undertaker Johann; bd. Locust Hill Cemetery Vanderburgh Evansville IN; had nephew Harry Martin res. Evansville IN during 1952 (m1) DORA RICHARDSON (PHOTOS) b. 29 Aug 1880 KY; d. 24 May 1955 12th AVE Baptist Hospital Louisville KY, 75 years old; bd. Resthaven Cemetary Jefferson Louisville KY; FPOB KY; MPOB KY; m. 7 Jun 1897 Vanderburgh Co IN (marriage index 1846-1920 book 19 page 246); daughter of J. Richardson and M. Boner)

The children of John Francis Wilson and Dora Richardson are:

  1. *MARGARET "MARGIE" LEE WILSON (PHOTOS) (b. 19 Sep 1897 IN; 21 years old when married; res. 11 East Tennessee St Evansville IN 47711; d. 29 Oct 1975 78 years old generalized carcinoma, St. Mary Hospital Evansville IN; church Central Methodist; undertaker Miller and Miller Evansville IN; bd. Oak Hill Cemetery plot: section 52 row 10 lot 5 Evansville IN; she had 5 great grandchildren at time of death (m1) BARNEY SILAS HERRON res. 1920 Census Vanderburgh IN, 1930 Census Wayne Marion IN; 1935 Evansville IN, 1940 Booneville Rd. Scott Township Vanderburgh IN; 1940 lived on farm, valued at $2400; WWII Draft registration (4th Registration for IN) states res. is 506 Covert Evansville IN, telephone 3-4687; res. 1952 11 E. TN Evansville, IN; worked as a mold maker for 30 years at Servel located on Morton St. in Evansville IN; b. 30 Apr 1895 Paducah KY; son of William Herron and Susie Everly; m. 1917 KY, 22 years old when married; fpob OH; mpob KY; d. 12 June 1968 Vanderburgh IN 73 years old at St. Mary Hospital ruptured Aortic Aneurysm; bd. Oak Hill Cemetery Section 52 Row 10 Lot 5 Evansville IN; Cental Methodist Church; ssn 313-05-0884 IN; sister Mrs. Delores Miller IN, 1/2 brother James Temple Royal Oaks MI, 1/2 sister Mrs. Clyde Hudson Evansville IN, Mrs. Stella Roberts Evansville IN)

  2. The children of Margaret Wilson and Barney Herron are:

    1. JIMMY HERRON (PHOTOS) (b. 3 Aug 1922 Evansville IN; res. Evansville IN; d. 24 June 2004 at res. 4208 Saddlebrook Dr. Evansville IN, coronary heart disease, acute peritonitus perforated gastric ulcer septic shock; United Methodist Central church; Rev. Charles Robertson for funeral; undertaker Alexander East Evansville IN; bd. Oak Hill Mausoleum Chapel of Memories 2 G 28 D Evansville IN; Service at Alexander East Funeral Home Evansville IN ; ssn 311-12-0344 IN; obit: WWII Army Air Corps, awarded Purple Heart, teacher of 30 years in IN, an EVSC Reitz Grad in 1940, Masters at Indiana State University, worked at Servel in Evansville IN, Union Organizer, member Hadi Shrine, No Ruz Grotto Indiana Teachers Assn., Retired Teachers Swords of Bunker Hill, avid Golfer, married 61 years (m1) MARY LYNN ROUSER d. 20 Apr 2004 St. Mary Medical Center Evansville IN myocardial Infraction 80 years old; Rev. Charles Robertson at funeral; United Methodist Central church; service at Alexander East funeral home; bd. Oak Hill Mausoleum Chapel of Memories 2 G 28 D Evansville IN; daughter of Zora Lee Rouser and Lynn Davis; sister Sherod Rouser, Betty Leedom; obit: Secretary for Dr. James Hambridge for 20 years, member of several golf leagues)

    2. The children of Jim Herron and Mary Lynn are:

      1. JENNIFER HERRON (res. 1975 Evansville IN, res. 2004 Newburgh IN (m1) BOB SMITH)

      2. The children of Jennifer Herron and Bob Smith are:

        • NIC SMITH

        • ALEX SMITH

      3. BARBARA HERRON (res. 2004 Newburgh IN

      4. The children of Barbara Herron and KEN YATES are:

        • AMY YATES

      5. MAGGIE SCHOENING (listed as granddaughter in Jimmy Herron's obituary 2004)

    3. MARGIE MAE HERRON (PHOTOS) (b. 1925; d. Aug/27 Sep 1955 30 years old cancer; res. 1955, 11 East TN Evansville IN; long beautiful strawberry blonde hair ; Rev. C. R. Maines at funeral; undertaker Johann; bd. SMG (m1) ALBERT L. GIBBS res. 1960 at 303 Cass Evansville IN; retired truck driver Hancock Trucks; d. 17 April 1960 37 years old, heart condition; bd. S M G Evanville IN; rev. Oscar Pullman at funeral; son of Vester Gibbs; brother Carlile Gibbs, sister Mrs. James Wells res. 1960 Evansville IN, Mrs. John Hammack res. 1960 Evansville IN, 1/2 sister Edna Marshall res. 1960 Evansville IN, 1/2 brother Orville Guthrie res. 1960 Hamilton OH)

    4. The children of Margie Mae Herron and Albert Gibbs are:

      1. GARY GIBBS (res. 1975 Evansville IN)

      2. STEVE GIBBS (res. 1975 Denver CO)

      3. PAULETTE GIBBS (res. 1955 Evansville IN (m1) NFN FUCHS)

      4. CAROL ANN GIBBS (res. 1955 Evansville IN)

      5. MRS. SUSAN TEMPLE (res. 1955 Indianapolis IN listed on Margie Gibbs obituary as granddaughter)

  3. *ANNA M. WILSON (PHOTOS) (b. 23 Jul 1907 Mount Vernon Posey Co IN; res Mount Vernon IN; d. 28 May 1977 IN; bd. Resthaven Cemetery Jefferson Louisville KY; res. Manslick Rd Jefferson Co KY (m1) GENE SLOAN (m2) HADDEN PHARRIS)

  4. The children of Anna Wilson are:

    1. ALICE "PUDDIN" PHARRIS (cm1 of Hadden Pharris's first marriage)

    2. VIOLET ROSE PHARRIS (PHOTOS) (adopted child; b. 19 Jul 1932; d. 13 Jul 2001; bd. Resthaven Cemetery Louisville Jefferson KY (m1) BILL SPALDING)

    3. The children of Violet Rose Pharris and Bill Spalding are:





  5. JOHN "JOHNNIE" FRANCIS WILSON JR. (b. 22 Nov 1903 Vanderburgh Co IN; d. Saturday 8 March 1941 ,Jail, Palestine Crawford IL; cause of death is suicide by carbolic acid poisoning; res. 506 Covert Evansville, IN; undertaker Johann Evansville IN; bd. Locust Hill Cemetery plot: B6 18 1 Evansville Vanderburgh IN; 37 years old at time of death; son of Mr and Mrs John Wilson; spouse Agnes Wilson (ref: www.justgravediggin.com)

  6. MARION GLADYS WILSON (PHOTOS) (b. 4 or 23 Aug 1909 Vanderburgh Co IN; d. 1992; bd. Resthaven Cemetery Jefferson Louisville KY; res. Henryville IN during first marriage (m1) JOHN E. COOPER m. 14 Jan 1940 Jeffersonville Clark IN; b. 17 May 1902 KY; res. Louisville KY; son of John Cooper and Lelia Borders (m2) ERNIE LUIS (PHOTOS) (m3) SARG FALGOUST retired Army; died of Tuberculosis in Waverly Sanitarium Louisville, KY)

  7. DOROTHY E. WILSON (PHOTOS) (b. 1 Jun 1914 Evansville Vanderburgh Co IN; d. 31 Mar 1985 Louisville Jefferson KY (m1) BEN H. “JOHNNY” HOKE (PHOTOS) (m2) NFN SHERIDAN res. Louisville KY)

  8. The children of Dorothey Wilson and Ben H. Hoke are:

    1. NFN (female) HOKE

    2. NFN (male) HOKE

  9. ELMER WARREN WILSON (PHOTOS) (b. 3 Jul 1915 Evansville IN; d. 17 Jul 1978 Jeffersontown KY; bd. St. Edwards Cemetery Jeffersontown KY (m1) HELEN LUCILLE (SWINDLE) (SEE SWINDLE FAMILY) BUCHANAN m. 31 Jul 1942 Blytheville AR; b. 25 Aug 1922 Monnette AR; d. 17 Dec 1995 Jeffersontown KY; bd. Saint Edwards Church Cemetery, Jeffersontown KY)

  10. The children of Elmer Warren Wilson and Helen Lucille Swindle Buchanan are:


    2. JOHNNY WARREN WILSON (PHOTOS) (b. 17 June 1947 Louisville Ky (m1) PAMELA ROSE MITCHELL b. Newport News VA; d @ Aug 2005; m. 28 July 1968 (m2) MILDRED KELLEY b. 1941; d. 19 Jul 1988 Jeffersontown KY (m3) BARBARA NLN b. 22 Sep 1955)

    3. The children of Johnny Warren Wilson and Pamela Rose Mitchell are:

      1. GARY WARREN WILSON (cm1; b. 16 May 1969 Newport News VA (m1) AMY NLN)

      2. The children of Gary Warren Wilson are:

        • JOSEY WILSON

      3. JOHN NEWTON WILSON (cm1; b. 2 Feb 1972 Newport News VA (m1)

      4. The children of John Newton Wilson and

        • MALE WILSON