Mary Mize

*MARY MIZE (b. Dec 1830 Stab Pulaski Co KY; d. aft 1900 Ainsworth Washingto Co IA (m1) JOSEPH SEWELL m. @ 1845; b. @ 1826; son of Isaac Sewell and Rebecca Inabnitt Sewell)
The children of Mary Mize and Joseph Sewell are:

  1. HENRY SEWELL (b. 1846/1849 KY Pulaski Co KY; 15 Nov 1854 of Flux; pod. Pulaski Co KY)

  2. JOHN F. SEWELL (b. 16 Aug 1854 Buck Creek Pulaski Co KY)

  3. WILLIAM S. SEWELL (b. 23 Mar 1852 Pulaski Co KY)

  4. REBECCA SEWELL (b. Oct 1856 IA (m1) WILLIAM LONG m. @ 1878; b. Oct 1855 IA)

  5. The children of Rebecca Sewell and William Long are:

    1. MAUD P. LONG (b. Mar 1881 Washingto Co IA)

    2. CHARLIE S. LONG (b. Jan 1884 Washington Co IA)

    3. FRED M. LONG (b. May 1888 Washington Co IA)

    4. JENNIE V. LONG (b. Apr 1891 Washington Co IA)

    5. ALICE LONG (b. May 1894 Washington Co IA)

    6. REX LONG (b. 1897 Washington Co IA; female)

    7. SERL O. LONG (b. Dec 1896 Washington Co IA)

  6. ADDISON "ADDIE" p. SEWELL (b. May 1859 IA (m1) JULIA B. NLN m. @ 1884; b. Jun 1860 IA; two boarders listed on the 1900 IA census: Thomas J. Long (18 y/o) and Edward M. Long (78 y/o))

  7. The children of Addison P. Sewell and Julia are:

    1. NOLA E. SEWELL (b. Dec 1886 Washington Co IA)

    2. EVA M. SEWELL (b. Sep 1894 Washington Co IA)

    3. HELEN SEWELL (b. Jun 1896 Washington Co IA)

  8. MARSHALL SEWELL (b. @ 1864 IA (m1) LILLIE NLN)

  9. WALTER M. SEWELL (b. Jan 1867 IA; res. 1900 Washington Co IA (m1) ELLA M. NLN m. 1892; b. Jul 1870 IA; (name was spelled Sewel, Also on this census, four dwellings from Walter and Ella, lived Frank and Edna Hull. In the Hull household lived Harry Mize, a boarder, farm laborer, b. Apr 1885 IA. His father was born in IA and mother was born in OH))

  10. The children of Walter M. Sewell and Ella are:

    1. ROY M. SEWELL (b. Nov 1897 Washington Co IA)

  11. EVA SEWELL (b. 1869 IA)

  12. CORA A. SEWELL (b. 1872 IA)


Isaac Sewell and Rebeka Inanit/Inabnitt are:
  1. MARY ANN SEWELL (b. @ 1822 Pulaski Co KY (m1) JAMES RANDAL m. 8 Oct 1842 Pulaski Co KY)

  2. CYRENIUS C. SEWELL (b. @ 1823 Pulaski Co KY; d. @ 1876 (m1) MARY ALEXANDER m. 27 Oct 1845 Pulaski Co KY (m2) MARY ANN ADKINS m. 10 Apr 1853 Monroe Co IN)

  3. JOSEPH SEWELL (b. 1825/1826 Pulaski Co KY; d. 14 May 1893 Crawford Co IA (m1) MARY MIZE m. 1845; b. Dec 1830; daughter of William Riley Mize)