Logan Mize

"Logan Mize, born February 7, 1836, Pulaski County Kentucky, as the 7th child of William Riley Mize and Hannah Evans Mize. According to the 1850 census, he attended school, but no record has been found where he signed his name, and no indication as to a middle name. He has always been known as Logan Mize and the closes to a signature, besides the X mark, is the "M" in the center of his marriage banns, between he and Eliza Ann Ping on 18 December 1857 in Pulaski County KY.

Logan enlisted in the Union Army, Civil War, 12 Oct 1861, and volunteered to enlist again 1 Jan 1864 at Strawberry Plains in East Tennessee. This enlistment shows his age as 23 instead of his correct age of 28. He served as a private in Company B, 12th Regiment of Kentucky Volunteers. His records show that in June 1864, he was on a train from Chattanooga, TN to Dalton, GA. On this train, he and his company were on top of a boxcar, near the engineer, and cinders from the engine got in his eyes and his eyes were in a deceased condition as a result thereof. He was honorably discharged 11 July 1865, in Greensboro, NC. I've found no document showing he returned to Pulaski County before he was elderly, except where he was a witness to a wedding in 1878 for his niece, a daughter of Milton Green Mize. His pension records state, on 28 June 1886, he lived in Greencastle, Putnam, IN. He also lived in Clark, Lawrence, Boone, and Green Counties. His address was 908 S. Locust St., Greencastle, IN.

Between 1919 and 1927, a widower, he returned to Stab, near Shortcreek to live with his nephew, Jim Riley Mize, the son of John Mize. Logan died 11 Oct 1927 of paralysis, at the age of 91 yr., 8 months, and 4 days. He is buried in the Shortcreek Cemetery. Jim Riley Mize signed his death certificate 12 Oct 1927."
(retrieved from facebook "Short Creek Clan" by Gene Phelps)

*LOGAN MIZE (PHOTOS) (b. 15 Jun 1835 Stab Pulaski Co KY; d. 4 Oct 1927 of paralysis; pod. Short Creek Cemetery Pulaski Co KY (Grave stone is a Civil War marker: Logan Mize, Co B, 12 KY INF, 1836-1921) (m1) ELIZA ANN PING m. 28 Dec 1857 Pulaski Co KY; b. 4 May 1844 Pulaski Co KY; d. 1871 Benton Co Arkansas; daughter of Stephen and Nancy Sewell Ping (m2) SARAH FRANCIS ALEXANDER m. 1874; d. 1892/(m2) possible marriage to MARY E. MOODY (m3) CORNELIA ELLEN WELLS MCBRIDE m. 23 Sep 1898 Greencastle IN)

The children of Logan Mize and Eliza Ann Ping are:

  1. MARY ELLEN MIZE (cm1; b. 11 Nov 1858 Pulaski Co KY; d. 10 Jun 1935 Benton Arkansas (m1) Samuel Smith Wilson b. 7 Mar 1852; d. 31 Oct 1913 Benton Arkansas)

  2. The children of Mary Ellen Mize and Samuel Smith Wilson are:


  3. GEORGE BENJAMEN MCCLELLAN MIZE (cm1; b. 1865 Pulaski Co KY; d. 1946 Bixby Tulsa OK (m1) ROSA ESSAFERN REYNOLDS b. 1866; d. 22 Oct 1936 Tulsa Tulsa OK)

  4. The children of George B. Mize and Rosa Essafern Reynolds are:


    2. The children are:

      1. UNK FREEMAN

      2. UNK FREEMAN

      3. UNK FREEMAN

    3. INA MYRTLE MIZE (b. 10 Sep 1887 OK; d. 26 Feb 1888 OK)

    4. WALTER LEEROY MIZE (b. 17 Nov 1889 OK; d. 28 Jan 1894 OK)

    5. WILLIAM FRANKLIN MIZE (b. 1893 OK; d. 26 Mar 1956 tulsa Tulsa Co OK (m1) BERTHA ADAMS b. 1897 AR; d. 8 Apr 1980 Tulsa OK)

    6. The children of William Franklin Mize and Bertha Adams are:

      1. UNK MIZE

      2. UNK MIZE

      3. UNK MIZE

      4. UNK MIZE

      5. UNK MIZE

    7. HOMER MARTIN MIZE (b. 1895; d. 15 Aug 1966 Muskogee OK (m1) JESSIE MAY HICKS b. 1852)

    8. The children of Homer Martin Mize and Jessie May Hicks are:

      1. CORRIE MIZE

      2. DANIEL MIZE

      3. UNK MIZE

      4. UNK MIZE

      5. UNK MIZE

      6. UNK MIZE

      7. UNK MIZE

      8. UNK MIZE

    9. SHERMAN MIZE (b. 9 Aug 1897; d. 17 Dec 1897 OK)

    10. ALTIE PEARL MIZE (b. 1899 Locust Grove OK (m1) ARVEL LUTHER WILLIS b. Jan 1891 Logan Benton Co AR; son of Alexander Servier Willis and Eugenia Gappin; d. 20 Aug 1970 Locust Grove OK; bd. Blue Springs Cemetery Gideon OK)

    11. The children of Altie Pearl Mize and Arvel Luther Willis are:


      2. UNK WILLIS

      3. UNK WILLIS

      4. UNK WILLIS

      5. UNK WILLIS

      6. UNK WILLIS

      7. UNK WILLIS

      8. UNK WILLIS

    12. ESSIE FLOY MIZE (b. 13 Jan 1902 Indian Territory Cherokee OK; d. 26 Jul 1983 Tulsa Tulsa OK; (m1) MARSHALL WILLIAMS b. 3 Nov 1886 Piney AR; d. 9 Jan 1974 Bixby Tulsa OK; son of John Delaney Williams and Louvenia Boshabee Wright)

    13. JESSE FLOYD MIZE (b. 22 Jun 1957 Oklahoma City OK (m1) EFFIE AILEENER ARNOLD b. 1902 Alafferty IZARD AR; D. 27 May 1957 Clinton Custer OK; daughter of John David Arnold and Perlie May Cooper)

    14. CHARLEY FREEMAN MIZE (b. 1899 OK; d. 10 May 1967 Vallejo Napa Co CA)

  5. ANNA MIZE (cm1)

  6. HANNAH E. MIZE (cm1; b. 1860 Pulaski Co KY; d. Benton Arkansas (m1) MARCUM NLN)

  7. BEA MIZE (cm1)

  8. ORA MIZE (cm2; b. 25 Feb 1873)

  9. ETTIE MIZE (cm2; b. 6 Sep 1875)

  10. EDWARD MIZE (cm2)

  11. CORA MIZE (cm2)

  12. LEE "LIVANCY" MIZE (cm2)

  13. RAY MIZE (cm3)