Amanda Ellen Mize

*AMANDA ELLEN MIZE (b. 24 Jan 1843 Pulaski Co KY; d. 9 Mar 1869 Somerset Pulaski Co KY; bd. Short Creek Cemetery Pulaski Co KY; 15 y/o at time of marriage (m1) DANIEL P. INABNITT m. 8 Jun 1857, surety Daniel Inabnit and Riley Mize; b. 3 Jan 1829; d. 22 Apr 1906 Boseman MT; son of Joseph Adkins Inabnitt and Sarah "Sally" Stogsdill) Daniel's second marriage was to: Josephine McQueary
The children of Daniel P. Inabnitt and Sarah Stogsdill are:

  1. SARAH HANNAH INABNIT (cm1; b. 28 Jul 1862 Pulaski Co KY; d. 30 Sep 1929 Gallatin MT (m1) CHARLES FREED (m2) BEN MEINEKE (m3) CHARLES YOUNKER (m4) DAMON GABRIEL b. 4 Jun 1850 St. Polycarpe Quebec CAN; d. 2 Jul 1915 Rochester MN)

  2. The children of Sarah Hannah Inabnitt are:

    1. FERN FREED (cm1)

    2. FRED E. YOUNKER (cm4)

    3. CHARLES JULE GABRIEL (cm4; b. 1902; d. 28 Sep 1963 Aberdeen WA (m1) LUCY ARETA MCQUARY)


    5. JAMES LESLIE GABRIEL (b. 21 Jul 1909 Bozeman MT; d. 8 Jan 1928 Salt Lake UT)

  3. NICEY ELLEN INABNIT (cm1; b. 4 Mar 1865 Pulaski Co KY; d. 4 May 1945 Manhatten MT (m1) CHARLES RUDD (m2) JOSEPHUS INABNIT b. 1864; d. 31 Jan 1929 Manhatten MT; son of Andrew P. Inabnitt and Mahala Whitaker)

  4. The children of Nicey Ellen Inabnitt are:

    1. MAVIS RUDD (cm1)

  5. MARTHA JANE INABNITT (cm1; b. 22 Feb 1868 Somerset Pulaski Co KY; d. 3 Sep 1955 MT (m1) SAMUEL LINCOLN PYFER b. 1861 IL; d. 30 Dec 1944 MT)

  6. The children of Martha Jane Inabnitt and Samuel Lincoln Pyfer are:

    1. WILLIAM R. PYFER (b. 1899 Salesville Gallatin MT; d. 6 Jun 1976 Phoenix AZ (m1) EMMA WHITE (m2) ALICE DAVIS DINGMAN (m3) BERNA BARTHOLOMEW b. 18 Sep 1916; d. 10 Oct 1994 Mesa AZ)

    2. ARTHUR AMO PYFER (b. 7 Oct 1890 Odell Gage NE; d. 22 Sep 1972 Three Forks Gallatin MT (m1) LOLA ANNIE DIMROCK b. 26 Jan 1891; d. Aug 1968 (m2) ESSIE ELLEN MURRY b. 30 Dec 1892 Belgrade Gallatin MT; d. Mar 1982 Bozeman MT; daughter of William Bradford Murry and Alice Mildred McCandless)

    3. MALE PYFER (cm1)

    4. FEMALE PYFER (cm1)

    5. FEMALE PYFER (cm2)

    6. FEMALE PYFER (cm2)

    7. FEMALE PYFER (cm2)

    8. RAYMOND W. PYFER (b. 1895 Salesville Gallatin MT; d. 9 Feb 1937 (m1) ELIZABETH HUFF)

    9. HARLEY SAMUEL PYFER (b. 7 Sep 1903 Salesville Gallatin MT; d. 20 Apr 1975 Whiteall Jefferson MT (m1) JOSEPHINE MARIE ANDERSON b. 16 Oct 1904 Anaconda MT; d. 7 Mar 1999 Clancy Jefferson Mt; m. 25 Dec 1889)

    10. MARY JEANNETTE PYFER (b. 1908 Salesville Gallatin MT; d. 16 Sep 1978 Spokane WA (m1) GEORGE LEE JACKSON b. 24 Mar 1903 Boulder MT; d. 1 Mar 1987 Whiteall MT)

  7. ROWAN HAMPTON INABNIT (cm2; b. 15 Feb 1872; d. 20 Feb 1889 Burien King Washington)

  8. JOHN RILEY INABNIT (cm2; b. 28 Nov 1874)

  9. ELIZABETH DEAN INABNIT (cm2; b. 16 Apr 1876)

  10. DANIEL PARKISON INABNIT (cm2; b. 10 Dec 1878)

  11. ARTHUR INABNIT (cm2; b. 22 Jun 1880; d. 5 Sep 1910 Manhattan MT)

  12. JOSEPH MORFORD INABNIT (cm2; b. 25 Jul 1882 Derby IA; d. Jun 1963 Bozeman MT 80 y/o (m1) FERNE HARRIS m. 19 May 1912)

Daniel Parkinson Inabnit, Sr., Son of Joseph Adkins Inabnit and Sarah "Sally" Stogsdill, was born in Pulaski, Kentucky, United States 1 Jan 1834. He married twice. He married first, Amanda 'Mandy' Elizabeth Mize in Pulaski, Kentucky, United States on 7 June 1857. AMANDA ELIZABETH MIZE, born 23 January 1843, the ninth child of William Riley Mize and Hannah Evans Mize... Amanda died 1 March 1869, and is buried in the Short Creek cemetery near Stab, Ky. After Amanda died Parks married Josephine McQueary, the daughter of William McQuery and Elizabeth MeKinney... Parks moved his family to Chariton, Iowa. At the turn of the century he moved to the Gallatin Gateway in Montana. He lived in the Goose Creek / Camp Creek area, South and West of Salesville, now known as Gallatin Gateway, Montana. When Parks lived at Short Creek, he made a living operating a grist mill. He also had a legal still along the creek for the production of whiskey. Josephine died 20 FEB 1889 in Lucas Co., Iowa (enroute from Iowa to Kentucky). Died of Black measles. Daniel died 22 April 1906 in Portsmouth, OH, at 71 years of age. His body was interred in Bozeman, Montana, Sunset Hills Cemetery."

(information provided by Gene Phelps at facebook: "Short Creek Clan")