Mize-Barnes-Whitaker family Feud

The following is a compilation of newspaper articles related to the family feud between the Mize, Whitaker and Barnes families in Rockcastle, Laurel, and Pulaski counties. Articles which mention family activities and interesting tidbits of information relating to individuals concerned are presented. As additional info is found, it will be posted to this webpage. I am currently trying to find photos of the involved individuals.

newspaper This artice from the Richmond Times dated 2 December 1908 oultines the supposed feud between the Mize, Whitaker and Barnes families which lived along the Rockcastle River seperating Laurel and Rockcastle Counties.

newspaper The article states that James Mize, who lived on Eagle Creek, had murdered Elisha Whitaker. The Mount Vernon Signal dated, 26 April 1901 voiced, "Jim Mize shot and killed "Little" Elisha Whitaker wednesday. Elisha Whitaker was in a boat on the Rockcastle River and Mize was hid behind a tree on the Laurel County side." Elisha Whitaker was the father of Hallie Ann Whitaker, the wife of James "Wad" William Mize. James or "Jim" Mize was the father of Hamp Mize mentioned in the article.

Hamp Mize photo

The photo is of Elisha Whitaker.

newspaper The first record of the court proceding which were located at Frankfort, at the Kentucky Archives was dated 12 October 1903. The case documents were on microfilm and the original court minutes were not found for the Circuit Court records. The October Term convened on the 5th of October which is called the 1st day of the term. The 12 October record is named the 7th day of the Term. This record states< "The Commonwealth of Kentucky (Plaintiff) versus James Mize (defendant) for murder. on motion of the Commonwealth of Kentucky by after ... ... ... by the state of this court for the following witnesses, ... was ... for the plaintiff for the 13th day of this term: Jesse Whitaker, John Whitaker, George Whitaker, Albert Teage, Tina (?) James, William Arthur, Bob Cooper, Harvy Whitaker, James Arnold, Ellen Arnold and Harlan Arnold and Ema Whitaker. And warrant of arrest ordered for the defendant for May Burdine, Colonel Burdine, Elizabeth Mize, Humph Mize, Hanson Tyree and ... for same for Robert Barnes."

newspaper newspaper On the 19th of October the court order says, "Upon motion of the attorney for the Commonwealth and appearing that it is necessary to grant the Indictment ... It is ordered by the court that the Sheriff of this county be and he is ordered and directed to summons a Special Grand Jury to convene in this court immediately there upon. The following named Grand Jury... and ... in abstensia to summons of Sheriff to with: B. R. Baker, John Payne, Sparks James, W. A. Storm, W. M. Howard. Jake Chestnut, R. F. Johnson, S. G. Steel, Cal Nelson, W. F. Green and Alex James who was duly ... and charged as a Special Grand Jury for the present term ordered that Jasper Pearl be and is appointed Foreman thereupon this Indictment hearing against the defendant is now ... and ... to the Special Grand Jury for investigation.
This day came this Special Grand Jury this day came into court and by this foreman amde the following filing reports to with."
Another entry for the same day, the 19th of October appears in the court records. The order states, "This cause came on ... ... proceding for trial, on for trial , and the following Jury was ... herein to with: Jeff Johnson, Ed Dunham, Mack Gaines, Frank Scott, Clark Taylor, J. P. Landrum, T. J. Lewis. Stan Box, J. N. Baldwin, Perry Taylor, Charly Day and J. P. Wilder. The defendant appeared and entered his plea of not guilty thereupon the Jury was ... to .. and truly try the ... ... and a ... verdict render having and after having heard the evidence in part and not having time to complete the trial, the jury after bering duly admonished by the court Deputy Sheriff Scoville who was duly admonished by the court were adjourned until 8 O'clock on tomorrow morning.
The services of Miss Molly Riley was called by the Commonwealth and the Court to report this case by stenographic notes.
Ordered that court adjourn until 8 O'clock on tomorrow morning. ... ... F... Judge"

newspaper The following day, the court ordered, "the parties hereto again came into court, and this jury was brought into court by H. Scoville Deputy Sheriff, and after hearing the evidence in part and not having time to complete this trial owing to lateness of the hour , this jury has ... ... and now again admonished was placed in the hands of the H. Scoville was duly charged ... ... to keeping the jury together were adjourned until tomorrow morning at 8 O'clock."

newspaper The next day, dated 21 October 1903, court documents state, "The Commonwealth of Kentucky (Plaintiff) versus James Mize (Defendent). The parties again came into court and the jury herein was brought into court by the Deputy Sheriff and answered to there names. And after hearing the evidence in full the instructions of the Bench, and argument of the Council in part and there not being time to complete the trial owing to the lateness of the hour, the jury being again duly admonished by the court was placed in charge of the Deputy Sheriff H., Scoville was ... ... and duly admonished in relation to keeping the jury together were adjourned until tomorrow morning at 8 O'clock.
Ordered that court adjourn until 8 O'clock tomorrow morning ... ... F... Judge"

newspaper newspaper During this trial the attorney for James Mize, submitted the following, "On this day came the defendant by attorney and produced and had filed herein the affidavit of James Sparks and James Mize."
Immediately after submitting the affidavit for James Sparks and James, James' attorney filed a motion to continue the trial until the next Court Term. "On this day came the defendant and filed his affidavit for a continuous and moved the court to continue this case until its next term and said motion." The next entry on the court records quickly stops the motion in its tracks. "The indictment in this case was returned by the Grand Jury two years ago, yet there has been absolutely no deligence shown by the defendant in preparing for trial. Even his summons for witnesses were issued after the beginning of the court.
The motion for a continuation is cancelled and the defendant excepts - this case is ... over until this 13th day of this time for trial. The defendant may have ... ... ... for his ... .... ."
newspaper Rockcastle County Courthouse Again during the trial the court is convened and is carried over to the next morning. "The parties again come into court and the Jury in charge of the Deputy Sheriff answered to their names-and after hearing the evidence and instructions of the the Court and argument of the Council in full, returned to consider upon a verdict. Deputy Sheriff H. Scoville was duly ... and place in charge of the Jury."

newspaper The next day, the 22nd of October, the court records say, "The jury having again came into court in charge of Deputy Sheriff H. Scoville, and assumed (illegible) (illegible) and after the deliberation returned the following verdict: We the jury agree and find the defendent guilty as charged in the indictment and fix his punishment at confinement, in the State Penitentiary for life. J. P. Lawson, Foremen... There upon the defendent was remanded to the jail to await sentence of judgement of the court."

James was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Elisha Whitaker for shooting and killing him as stated in the article from the same newspaper dated 28 April 1905. the article states, "Govenor Beckham commuted from life inprisonment to two years the term of James Mise, of Laurel County, an inmate of the State Penitentiary. Mise was sent up in October 1903, upon conviction of the murder of Elisha Whitaker. The judges of appeals recommended clemency."



"In Neighboring counties:Near Livingston, Hampton Mize shot and killed Robert Whitaker after a quarrel" Semi-Weekly Interior Journal (Stanford Ky) 3 Sep 1901.

"Hamp Mize charged with carrying a concealed weapon, released." Mount Vernon Signal dated 21 Sep 1900.

"Hamp charged with murder for killing Robert Whitaker was allowed bail in the sum of $1000 which he failed to give and was placed in the custody of the jailer." Mount Vernon Signal dated: 20 Sep 1901.

"The case against hamp mize for the killing for Robert whitaker was called and will go to the jury about noon today. A large number of witnesesses were examined two speeches were made. C. C. Williams for the defense closing with the Commonwealth's attorney Sharp." Mount Vernon Signal dated: 19 Sep 1902.

Nathan Bussel testimony was, "He went with Hamp Mize to Newcomb Lewis(?) to get his wife Alice Mize in order to have her summoned so as to be able to a divorce from her. After reaching Newcomb Lewis(?) he told her further that he wanted her to go back and live with him that he wanted her to go back and live with hime that she came back to Rockcastle Ky he never lived with her any more. (He) did not hear any of (the) shots and knew nothing of any threats."

"Mrs Bussel testified...(she) saw Hamp, Bud, and Tom Mize first after Hamp Mize and his wife (parted or seperated) all heavily armed. Hamp Mize stated to me that he had sent word to Whitaker if he would take his wife (Mize's wife) from under his nose, he would do him a favor. I told them to not to have any trouble and that I would take it on myself to see Whitaker to take her away. (I) saw Whitaker and he told me he had just seen Bud and he (Whitaker) told Mize she did not have sufficient clothing to take her away. Bud Mize said he would go to Hamp Mize's and get her clothing for her to go. But (he) mislead of bringing clothing back, 3 of them came back (Hamp, Bud and Tom Mize) armed (and) passed by Whitakers house. This was some two weeks before Whitaker took Mize's wife away. She staid (stayed) away since 2 or 3 weeks and Hamp brought her back."

Rubin Bullock said, "He saw Hamp, Bud and Tom Mize all heavily armed some 2 or 3 weeks before killing of Whitaker...asked me if I know where Whitaker was. Hamp Mize had a double barrel shotgun and one other had (a) gun. Next (time) I saw all three of Mize boys (was on) day of Primary Election of August 1901. Bud asked Evan Rash if he knew where Whitaker was and said they was going to have the G..damn Son of Bitch. (I) did not hear any of shooting."

Logan Mize, a distant cousin of Hamp conveyed, "(I) was at Dan Southard day of killing and heard nothing of any threats. (I) was in empoy(ee) of Whitaker at time of his death. (I) heard nothing about any trouble before, except heard Hamp Mize tall Bob Whitaker to stop passing by his house before killing. Whitaker told Mize he thought it (was) a public highway and he had a good right to pass it as any one. While in Whitakers employ(ment) (I) had seen Hamp Mize's wife come to corn field while we were at work."

Mrs. Martha Whitaker who was wife of deceased Bob Whitaker, "(I) know nothing of trouble only Bill Decker told my husband (Whitaker) before killing that Hamp told him to tell deceased, "He was going to kill him on first sight." (I) heard no threats from either and never never saw Mize's wife at her house."

The court testimonies are as follows: Van Swearingen stated, "Mrs. Alice Mize stopped at my house (and) said Hamp Mize had killed Bob Whitaker... She and Whitaker were talking in the road and Hamp Mize came up... Bob made for his pistol and Hamp shot him... examined (the) body) after he was shot dead... one load from shotgun in body... (gave description) where deed was done and completed."

Another witness, Alfred Oneal "saw Hamp Mize after killing of Whitaker before he surrendered and asked him about the killing of Whitaker. He (Hamp) said he shot at him once with shotgun and twice with pistol but thought pistol shots did not take effect."

Another witness, Adam Cromer testified, "Alice Mize told him Hamp Mize had killed Bob WHitaker (and) further statess that he was on grounds before Whitaker body was moved and examined body. (He) heard the shots, 3 in number (2 small and 1 large report) and only found one wound and it was from shotgun."

Isom Southard said, " He was one of the juryman that held inquest over Whitaker body and found him shot in breast, right side 40 shot in right side and 32 (in) breast. Found (the) pistol about 3 foot from Bob Whitaker loaded all around. (He) heard the shots, 3 in number but did not know whot fired any of them."

Another Rash family member, Ivan, said, " (he) was one of the first men present after shooting. (he) found Whitaker dead. Shot in right breast and arm and found his (Whitaker's) pistol laying about 2 or 3 feet behind him, loaded all around. (he) heard no threats from wither side and (did) not hear any of the shooting."

James Phelps testified, "(I) was present after shooting and helped dress dead man. (I) did not hear any of the shooting. (I) found Whitaker wounded in right arm and breast by shot gun about (with) number 2 squirrel shots. (I) heard no threats from either side and knew nothing of any previous trouble." Further, Reubin Sams stated,"(I) saw deceased after he was shot. (I) helped dress him and found 72 shots abougt number 2 squirrel shot in body or at least looked to be that size. (I) did not hear shots fired. (Whitaker) had pistol holster on body but no pistol in it."

The testimony of J. E or F. Whitaker said, "(I) examined the ground and after the body was removed and (knew) nothing about cause of trouble by either party."

The September Term of 1901 for Rockcastle County, Kentucky: "We the grand jury find the defendant Hamp Mize guilty of murder in the killing of Bob Whitaker in Rockcastle County. signed James Cash, foreman"

"Hamp Mize 2 years for manslaughter." Mount Vernon Signal dated: 3 Oct 1902.

"Circuit Court: Hamp Mize, for the killing of Robert Whitaker was given 2 years in the penitentiary" 26 Oct 1902.

"Notice of application for restoration to citizenship Hamp Mize. The undersigned who was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in the Ciruit Court of Rockcastle County at the September term 1902. Will ask the Governor for restoration to citizenship and all who object will notify the Governor and state in writing any objections, Hamp Mize" Mount Vernon Signal dated: 5 Mar 1909. There has been alot of confusion between the case of Jim Mize and Elisha Whitaker and this murder. These are two distinct and different murder cases which involve the Mize and Whitaker families. Due to the intermarrying of these families in the Billows area, it is apparent there was "bad blood" between the families. The cause of the dispute has seemed to be lost in time but I feel that it was due to mistreatment and domestic violence of inclusive family members.

The case of J. W. Woodall killing Lum Whitaker had very little newspaper coverage.

"In Neigboring Counties: Lum Whitaker was shot and killed by J. W. Woodall near Bernstadt, Laurel county, in a fight over a card game." 9 Aug 1907 The Interior Journal Stanford KY.

"Latest News: J. W. Woodall is under arrest at London for the killing of Lum Whitaker last Sunday" 10 Aug 1907 Daily Public Ledger (Maysville, KY).

There is another interesting murder case which splashed across the pages of several local newspapers i.e. Mount Vernon Signal.

"The case against R P Pike for killing of Joe Mize will be called this afternoon, both sides having announced ready" 26 Jun 1908 Mt Vernon Signal

"Joe mize 20 finme for disturbing religious worship" 20 Jan 1899 Mt Vernon Signal.

"The case against Joe Mize for gaming was continued" 20 Sep 1901 Mt Vernon Signal.

29 Sep 1907 Mt Vernon Signal, "Joe Mize and John Baker each fined $50 and cost for gaming. Joe Mize and Ed Mullins each held under a $1000 bond on the charge of murder. Joe Mize was held on two seperate charges of shooting in the sum of $500 each. All of which bonds were promptly filled. This is the result of the trouble between Joe Mize and Edd Mullins at Livingston last Saturday, in which Greely Mize, a Brother of Joe, was accidentally killed, and John Mound and Ed Mullins slightly wounded...Bullock the barber at Livingston was acquitted on the charge of running a gambling house, it being the place of business that the trouble between Mize and Mullins took place and came over a crap game...As a result of a crap game at Livingston last Saturday, one man lost his life and two more are slightly wounded. As shown by evidence in the examining trial, some eight or ten had congregated in the back room of the barber shop to take a drink and two or three of the number engaged in a crap game, a difference arose between Ed Mullins and Joe Mize, when both parties went for his pistol and began to fire. Mullins received a slight wound on the left side, but Mize escaped uninjured. Greely Mize an innocent by-stander and brother of Joe Mize, who fell victim, it is claimed, was by a stray bullet from his brothers pistol. John Mounce received two rather painful but not serious wounds, one in the left hand and one in the right arm. George Mullins a brother of Ed Mullins another by-stander received a very slight wound on the head. Joe Mize was permitted to attend the burial of his brother on Sunday, after which all the parties in charge of Marshall Henry Bulton and Deputy Sheriff G. S. Griffin were brought here, where they had their examining trials on Wednesday."

"R P Pike shot and killed Joe Mize at Livingston Sunday as a result of a dispute over a piler game. Pike surrendered to Marshal Boltonn and was brought to this place Monday morning. He waived the right of examination and by consent of the Commonwealth was granted bail in the sum of $3500 which he gave" 10 Jan 1908 Mt Vernon Signal.

"Deputy Sheriff Tom Nicely went to Corbin and arrested Ben Lewis and took him to Mt Vernon Monday. Lewis is the star witness in the Mize murder case" 26 Nov 1909 Mt Vernon Signal.-

The case against R. P. Pike for the killing of Joe Mize was called Wednesday when both sides announced ready. The following men were selected as jurors to try the case. Harvey Chaney, M. Treadway, J. McNew, P. M. Ferron, Jerry Roberts, Frank Cos, J. Brown, Wal Chasteen, J. Sowder, M. Bullock, and W. Warren. The taking of evidence was begun yesterday afternoon" 17 Dec 1909 Mt Vernon Signal.

"Court- The trial of R P Pike which was before the court at the time of our last issue for the killing of Joe Mize resulted in a hung jury. Eight stood for acquittal and four for three years. This is the second mistrial of the case" 24 Dec 1909 Mt Vernon Signal.

This is an interesting case because the victim had been shot and wounded by the same people who would ultimately murder him approximately 4 years later.

25 Apr 1902: "Married: Miss Mary Kirby daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Kirby and James Arnold were married Saturday at the home of the bride's parents Rev. B. S. Devault officiating" Mt Vernon Signal.

"Tomorrow: the case of James, Joe and Lee Norton, charged with conspiracy to kill Jim Arnold, will be tried before the County Judge tomorrow. It will be remembered that Arnold was shot while on his way fron the London Fair last September." 29 Nov 1901 Mt Vernon Signal.

"Acquitted: Jim, Joe and Lee Norton were tried Wednesday on a charge of shooting and wounding Jim Arnold last September, and were acquitted" 20 Dec 1901 Mt Vernon Signal.

Now for the murder!

"Lee Norton and others for killing of James Arnold and his son, Harlan, continued until next term" 14 Dec 1906 Mt Vernon Signal.

"The examining trial of Nortons, Hamlin, Cooper and Roberts, which was begun last Friday was completed Tuesday, for the killing of the Arnolds three weeks ago. Jim Norton, father of Joe, Horace and Lee Norton, was turned loose by the examining court, as was also Lewis Cooper. The bonds of those held over to the Circuit Court was fixed as follows: Joe, Lee, and Horace Norton and Levi Roberts $4000 each, Mitchell Norton $2000, Albert Hamlin $1000. The bonds were readily given and all the parties returned to their homes." 26 Jan 1906 Mt Vernon Signal.

"The trial of Lee Norton and seven others for killing "Big Jim" Arnold in Rockcastle in January of last year, is going on at Mt Vernon. It took four days to secure a jury" 5 Apr 1907 The Interior Journal (Stanford KY).

In addition to the murder charges against Joe Norton, Joe Norton is charged with malicious striking. "Joe Norton for maliciously striking Tobe Carpenter was before the court yesterday and up to the time of going to the press this morning the jury had not returned a verdict" 28 Jun 1907 Mt Vernon Signal.

"The case against Lee Norton et al for the killing of Jim and Harlan Arnold was called yesterday and both sides announced ready... The Norton case will be tried first, if a jury can be secured from the regular panel, if not the Spires case first. As seperate trial have been asked for in the Norton case, the Commonwealth has elected Levi Roberts for trial at this time" 28 Jun 1907 Mt Vernon Signal.

"The case against Lee Norton charged with the killing of James and Harlan Arnold was continued to the March term of court" 13 Dec 1907 Mt Vernon Signal.

Joe Norton is given a year in the pokey for wounding the wife of Jim Arnold. "In Neighboring Counties: Lee Norton was given a year in the penitentiary for shooting and wounding Mrs Jim Arnold in Rockcastle" 14 Apr 1908 The Interior Journal (Stanford KY).

"Lee Norton who was given one year in the pen for shooting and wounding Mrs. Arnold was granted a new trial because of an error in the instruction, by two words being left out by the stenographer in copying" 17 Apr 1908 Mt Vernon Signal.

"The case against Lee Norton charged with the shooting and wounding of Mrs. James Arnold at the same time her husband and son were killed by Joe Norton was called Monday but passed over until yesterday it being necessary to summon a special venire of seventy-five men to get the jury. The followind jury was selected and the taking of evidence was begun yesterday before noon. The case will go to the jury today. The following are the gentlemen who were selected to try the case: Jason Robinson, Frank Adams, Ike Herron, J. C. Phillips, Louis Owens, A. P. Chandler, J. E. Craig, Sam Rose, W. M. Lunceford, Willis Bustle, Joe Bullolck and R. G. Shearer." 3 Jul 1908 Mt Vernon Signal.

"Mr and Mrs Towery spent most of the week with relative here. They were witnesses in the Norton trial" 3 Jul 1908 Mt Vernon Signal.

"Lee Norton who was on trial at the time of our last issue for the shooting of Mrs Arnold, was fined $40 and six months in jail. Norton by payment of $340 was released from the jail sentence" 10 Jul 1908 Mt Vernon Signal.

"Horace Norton and Levi Roberts were taken to the penitentiary at Frankfort Saturday by Deputy Sheriffs G. S. Griffin and John Robins, to serve a sentence of six years each, rendered at the June term of the Rockcastle Circuit Court, for complicity in the killing of James and Harlan Arnold. The case had been appealed but had not been acted upon by the Court of Appeals, but the boys thought it best to go and be serving their time rather staying in the Mt Vernon jail for several months and then after all probably the case be affirmed." 13 Oct 1907 Mt Vernon Signal.

"Captains S. D. Magee and E. S. Leslie, guards in State prison, Frankfort, brought Joe and Horace Norton and Levi Roberts who are serving sentences there for the killing of James and Harlan Arnold, here Sunday to testify in the behalf of Lee Norton, whose case went to trial Wednesday for the shooting and wounding of Mrs Arnold widow of James arnold at the same time." 4 Oct 1908 Mt Vernon Signal.

"Circuit Court: Monday and Tuesday were spent trying civil business. The case against Lee Norton charged with shooting and wounding Mrs. Jim Arnold at the same time her husband and son were killed, was called Tuesday and both sides announced ready but as it was necessary to summon a special venire, the case was passed over until Wednesday morning when the following gentlemen were selected as jurors:- Jas. Jordn, Taylor Clark, Lewis McGuire, Hayes Clark, T. A. Coffey, John E. Griffith, W. A. Coffey, Horace Prouce, George Griffith, Thomas Jacobs, Stephen Adams and W. M. Centers. The jury after being out about two hours returned a verdict of guilty fixing his punishment at confinement in the penetentiary for one year." 4 Oct 1908 Mt Vernon Signal.

"The indictments against A. H. Hamlin and James Norton, charged with complicity in the killing of James and Harlan Arnold were dismissed. Public sentiment has favored this from the beginning, as there are but very few people who ever believed that Hamlin and James Norton had anything to do with the crime. Lewis Cooper, who was also held under the same indictment, was discharged last week. Court will adjourn tomorrow" 19 April 1907 Mt Vernon Signal.

"The jury returned a verdict yesterday afternoon of two years in the case of Joe Norton for the killing of James and Harlan Arnold. The case went to the jury about 3 o'clock Wednesday and yesterday morning about 10 o'clock, the jury announced that they wanted to report, at which time it seemed to be hoplessly hung there being six for acquittal and six for conviction ranging from five to twenty one years. The jury was returned to the room, to reconsider the case, reporting again at 4 o clock yesterday afternoon with the compromise verdict of two years. While we have no rerport from the defense as to what action will be taken, but we take it that the case will be appealed." 12 Apr 1907 Mt Vernon Signal.

"The trial of Horace Norton and Lias (Levi) Roberts charged with complicity in killing of James and Harlan Arnold has consumed the attention of the court this week. The case will go to jury tomorrow" 5 July 1907 Mt Vernon Signal.

"Joe Norton, serving a two years sentence for killing of James and Harlan Arnold, was released last Tuesday. His time would have been up in about a month" 25 Sep 1908 Mt Vernon Signal

"The jury returned a verdict of two years in the case of Joe Norton for the killing of James and Harlan Arnold in Rockcastle" 16 Apr 1907 The Interior Journal (Stanford KY).

"County Claims: J. F. Griffin allowed the cost in case of J. L. Arnold against Rockcastle County. $40.90" 14 Jun 1907.

W. G. Nicely allowed for burial clothes furnised James and Harlan Arnold $32" 14 Jun 1907 Mt Vernon Signal.

"Cedarville: Lee Norton sold his farm to Elmer Renner for $400" 26 Jan 1912 Mt Vernon Signal.

"Fred Shearer, Sam McMullin, Lee Norton, Charley B. Nicely, Albert Owens and Fred Baker are some of our boys who have recently arrived from service with Uncle Sam overseas" 25 Jul 1919 Mt Vernon Signal.

"The cold weather is coming earlier than usual, Mr Lee Norton, son of J. E. Norton, sent his little son, Andrew, to Bolder, Montana to school. This is his second term and he is learning fast." 7 Nov 1919 Mt Vernon Signal.

The murder case for William Maret Barnes and Mrs. Ellen Taylor took several years to apprehend the perpetrators.

"William Tyree from Laurel County is visiting relatives at this place" 1 Feb 1901 Mt Vernon Signal.

"Robert Tyree, aged 23, and a son of the late William Tyree. was accidentally shot and killed at Pittsburg Monday Morning, by W. C. Webb's son. The remains were taken to the Tyree burying ground near Wabd post office, for burial." 12 Aug 1904 Mt Vernon Signal (I found this interesting additional information concerning the Tyree family!)

"OLD FEUD OPENED: London, KY. Nov 30- As a result of a revival of the feud between relatives of the Whitaker, Mize and Barnes families another double tragedy has been enacted in the killing of William Maret Barnes, a farmer fifty years old, and Mrs Ellen Taylor, who was a Barnes, aged thirty-two years.

"Possee Searches for Murderer-Lexington Ky Dec 1- A Sheriff's possee is searching the mountains in Laurel county for William Tyree and Robert Barnes, who are charged with the murder of William Barnes and Mrs. Emma Taylor. The double murder was the result of a long standing family feud between the Whitaker, Mize and Barnes families, in which many people have been slain on both sides" 2 Dec 1908 Winchester News (Winchester KY).

"The slayer of Barnes is alleged to be William Tyree. Robert Barnes, a cousin of William Maret Barnes, killed Mrs. Taylor. The shooting occurred yesterday near the Bunch Postoffice, not far from the Pulaski county line.-Louisville Herald" 3 Dec 1908 Mt Vernon Signal.

"Oscar McIntyre and William Tyree who were charged with the murder of Albert Kock at Bernstadt in Laurel county seven or eight years ago were caught in Pine Bluff, Arkansas by Deputy Sheriff Herman Scoville of Laurel County last week. Tyree is also facing a charge of murdering William Maret Barnes, in Laurel County, near Yaho, in 1909" 2 Apr 1915 Mt Vernon Signal.