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Mary Catherine Mize

MARY CATHERINE MIZE b. @1844 Pulaski Co KY; nicknamed "Cat"; listed on the 1860 Rockcastle Co KY Census as a 17 year old orphan residing in the household of Holburt McClure; living in the household of Westerfield Renner during 1880, listed as sister-in-law and 37 years of age (1801-1880) and Rebecca Evans (1808-1880); d. 1925 Mt Vernon Rockcastle Co KY (m1) WILLIAM N. MCCLURE m. 14 Sep 1861 Rockcastle Co KY; listed as being present at the marriage of Anna Mise; b. 1844 Rockcastle Co KY; res. Rockcastle Co KY; son of David McClure (b. 1816 VA; d. after 1850 Owen Co IN) and Lavina Hubbel (b. 1818 Pulaski Co KY))

The children of Mary Catherine Mize and William N. McClure are:

  1. LUCY J. MCCLURE (b. Jun 1862 Rockcastle Co KY; res. 1910,1920 Walnut Grove Rockcastle Co KY (m1) JOHN BAKER m. 1 Jun 1888 in Rockcastle County, KY; son of Joseph Baker (b. 1825-1860) and Phoebe McClure (b. 1830-1860) ; b. Dec 1852; d. 21 June 1923 Rockcastle Co KY)

  2. The children of Lucy J. McClure and John Baker are:

    1. ROBERT L. BAKER (b. May 1885 Walnut Grove Rockcastle Co KY)

    2. SARAH ALICE BAKER (b. Apr 1889 Walnut Grove Rockcastle Co KY)

    3. WILLIAM ABNER BAKER (b. May 1893 Walnut Grove Rockcastle Co KY)

    4. OATHER BAKER (b. May 1899 Walnut Grove Rockcastle Co KY; d. 1921 Rockcastle Co KY (m1) NFN CROMER son of Benjamen F. Cromer (1868-1950) and Rebecca French (b. 1874))

    5. The children of Other Baker and NFN Cromer are:

      1. LUTHER SHELBY CROMER (b. 28 Apr 1921; d. 2 Jan 1966)

    6. CLOIE BAKER (b. 1902)

  3. *MARY ELLEN MCCLURE (b. 1867 Rockcastle Co KY; (m1) JOHN MASON m. 19 April 1884 Rockcastle Co KY; b. 1868 Rockcastle Co KY)

  4. *GEORGE R. MCCLURE (b. 1869 Rockcastle Co KY; res. 1930 District 3 Rockcastle Co KY; d. 2 Dec 1933 Rockcastle Co KY (m1) MARY LUCINDA KIRBY m. 15 Nov 1894 Rockcastle Co KY; b. 15 Nov 1874; daughter of John W. Kirby and Betty Ann Rowe; d. 17 Jan 1948 Rockcastle Co KY)

  5. The children of George R. McClure and Mary Lucinda Kirby are:

    1. ROSIE MAY MCCLURE (b. 10 Nov 1900; res. Lockland Hamilton Co OH; d. 15 Mar 1926; bd. Mt Vernon Rockcastle Co KY (m1) COSSIE BULLOCK)

    2. WILLIE E. MCCLURE (b. 1898; d. 1919 Rockcastle Co KY)

    3. LENA MCCLURE (b. @ 1898 Rockcastle Co KY)

    4. MAGGIE MCCLURE (b. @ 1905)

    5. OSCAR MCCLURE (b. @ 1911)

    6. BURGESS MCCLURE (b. @ 1914)

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