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Humphrey H. Mize

HUMPHREY HAMPTON "UMP MISE (b. 1 Jan 1857 Rockcastle Co, KY; d. 2 January 1940 Laurel Co KY; bd. Mize Cemetery located in rock quarry at Billows Rockcastle Co KY; Operated ferry at Rockcastle River and Old Route 80; res. 1900 East Bernstadt village Laurel Co Ky; res. 1930 Stepping Stone Laurel Co KY (m1) ELIZABETH "HALEY" BOSTON m. 26 April 1878 Laurel Co, KY; b. 18 Nov 1857 Clinton Co, KY; d. 23 Feb 1933 Laurel Co KY; dau of William Boston (1810-1891) and Artie Rash or Rosa Ann Port (1821-1879); lived with son, James Logan Mize during 1920, she is divorced (m2) VADA “ALICE” WOODALL m. 31 March 1916 Laurel Co, KY; b. 1884; d. 19 Dec 1966; daughter of J. W. and Amanda Woodall; b. @ 1882 34 y/o when she married 54 y/o Ump; bd. Nix Cemetery off of White Oak Road, Laurel Co KY)

The children of Humphrey H. "Ump" Mize are:

  1. *HARVEY GREEN MIZE (PHOTOS) (b. 9 October 1873, Laurel Co, KY; res. 1910 South Corbin, Whitley Co Ky, 1920 Klondike Harlan Co KY, 1940 South Corbin Whitley Co KY; d. 4 Jul 1946 Harlan KY; World War draft registration card states that he is born 1873, resident of Plato KY, Medium height, medium build, blue eyes, and brown hair (m1) SARAH ALICE WHITAKER (PHOTOS) b. 1 Sep 1874 Laurel Co KY; d. 2 Dec 1936 Pulaski Co Ky; m. 15 April 1895, Laurel County, Ky at the home of Sarah's parents, Thomas Jefferson Whitacker (PHOTOS) (b. 8 May 1841 KY; d. Jan 1927 Laurel Co KY) and Charity Jane Trosper (PHOTOS) (b. Dec 1839 Laurel Co KY; d. 1910 Laurel Co KY) in the presence of Colonel Burdine and George Whitacker; b. Sep 1874 Laurel Co KY; d. 23 Dec 1936 Pulaski Co KY; (m2) *GEORGE ANN WHITAKER m. June 22, 1907, Laurel County, KY; daughter of Nathan and Lizzie Whitacker; 19 years old at time of marriage; b. @ 1888 resident of Ward KY; Sarah's (m2) James R. Mize m. 1892)

  2. The children of Harvey G. Mize are:

    1. *AGNES MIZE (cm2; b. 13 May 1897; listed on Whitley Co 1910 Census; d.. 24 May 1930 Knox Co KY; res. Wilton Knox Co KY (m1) MILLARD FRANKLIN SMITH (b. 7 Mar 1878 Indian Creek Knox Co KY; d. 5 Nov 1937 Knox Co KY; son of James A. Smith (1877-1958) and Ellen Smith (1881- ))

    2. The children of Agnes Mize and Millard Franklin Smith are:

      1. MALE SMITH


      3. EWELL SMITH (b. 13 Aug 1920 Knox Co KY; d. Jul 1976 Barbourville Know Co KY (m1) JEWELL BEATRICE CHANCE b. 3 Nov 1922 Knox Co KY; d. 2005 Barbourville KY; daughter of William Joe Chance (1902-1952) and Clarci Elliott (1902-1983))

      4. The children of Ewall Smith and Jewell Beatrice Chance are:

        • MALE SMITH

        • MALE SMITH

        • MALE SMITH

        • JERRY LENVIL SMITH PHOTOS (b. 21 Jun 1945 Knox Co KY; d. 22 Apr 2000 Corbin KY (m1) NFN BLANTON)

        • The children of Jerry Lenvil Smith are:

          • KYLE ANDREW SMITH (b. 25 Jan 1976 Corbin Whitley Co KY)

    3. *LILLY MAE MIZE (cm2; b. 24 Sep 1909 Rockcastle Co KY; listed on Whitley Co 1910 Census; d. 30 Jul 1997 London Laurel Co KY (m1) JAMES DOYLE FIELDS )

    4. The children of Lilly Mae Mize and James Doyle Fields are:

      1. MALE FIELDS

      2. MALE FIELDS

      3. MALE FIELDS

      4. MALE FIELDS

      5. JAMES E. FIELDS (b. 26 Sep 1931 Laurel Co KY; d. 3 Feb 2010 Lexington KY (m1) NFN RADFORD)

    5. WILLIAM OTIS MIZE (cm2; b. 9 March 1914 on Whitley Co 1910 Census)

    6. *IDA E. MIZE (b. 9 Feb 1911 Whitley Co KY)

    7. GEORGIA OPLE MIZE (cm2; b. @ 1916 Harlan Co KY)

    8. MAT MIZE (b. @ 1918 Harlan Co KY)

    9. *MABEL MIZE (cm2; b @ 1918 KY)

    10. *LOUISE MIZE (b. @ 1920 Harlan Co KY)

    11. WALKER MIZE (b. 6-4-1923 Rockcastle Co KY)

    12. GENEVIA MIZE (cm2; b. 23 March 1923 Harlan Co KY, d. 2 March 1939 Loyall KY)

    13. CLAY MIZE (cm2; b. @ 1925)

    14. ODIE MIZE (cm2; b. @ 1904)

    15. J. C. "CEDAR" MIZE (cm2; b. 6 June 1927 Harlan Co KY; d. 26 Mar 1994 Harlan Harlan Co KY (m1) NFN STEWART m. 31 Dec 1947)

    16. The children of J. C. "Cedar" Mize are:

      1. MALE MIZE

  3. *JAMES LOGAN MISE (PHOTOS) (b. 18 September 1879 Rockcastle Co, KY; res. 1910 South Corbin Whitley Co KY, 1920 Laurel Co KY; d. 23 December 1923 Rockcastle Co, KY; bd. Mize Cemetery in rock quarry, Billows, Rockcastle Co, KY; (m1) SARA "SALLY" A. b. @ 1880/1881)

  4. The children of James Logan Mize and Sally are:

    1. ARTIE M. BOLTON (living in household 1920; grandparent; b. @ 1838)
    2. LILLIE M. BOLTON (living in household 1920; daughter of Artie M. Bolton; b. @ 1910)
    3. HENRY L. WOODALL (living in household 1920)
    4. WEST WRIGHT (living in household 1940)

    5. LESLIE MULLINS (living in household 1940)

    6. FLORENCE MITCHELL (living in household 1940)

  5. *MOLLIE MISE (b. May 1880 Rockcastle Co, KY)

  6. *MAY MISE (PHOTOS) (b. September 1882 Rockcastle Co, KY; d. @ 1965 83 years old; bd. Indianapolis IN; (m1) COLONEL BURDINE bd. Indianapolis, IN)

  7. The children of May Mise and Colonel Burdine are:

    1. NORA MAE NICHOLS-BURDINE (adopted; b. 6 Nov 1914 Lexington KY; d. 17 Jan 2000 Somerset Pulaski Co KY; dau of James Garfield Nichols (1877-1917) and Myrtle MCLain (1875- 1917) (m1) ROBERT JOHN BOLIN

    2. The children of Nora Mae Burdine and Robert John Bolin are:

      1. JOHN KENNITH BOLIN (PHOTOS) (b. 18 Sep 1914 Kilsap ' WA; d. Oak Ridge TN)

  8. *ROBERT MISE (PHOTOS) (b. August 1895 Bernstadt Rockcastle Co, KY; d. 18 May 1919; Private First Class in Quarter Master Corps during World War I; bd. Mize Cemetery in rock quarry, Billows, Rockcastle Co, KY; inducted into U.S. Army on 4 October 1917; assigned to Quarter Master detachment at Camp Zachary Taylor in Louisville KY; unit: 112th Company, 159th Depot Brigade; he was a resident of East Bernstadt, Laurel Co Ky)

  9. *MINNIE MISE (b. March 1898 Rockcastle Co, KY)

  10. MYRTLE MIZE (guardian bond for Myrtle (child of Elizabeth) by H. H. Mize and Elizabeth Mize on 11 November 1907)

  11. *BEECHER MISE (b. December 19, 1909, Billows Rockcastle Co KY; d. 16 July 1990, Harlan Perry county, KY; bd. Hickory gap cem Campbell Creek Hazard Perry Co KY (m1) LELAND GARRISON m. 8 January 1938 Pulaski Co KY; b. @ 1917 Billows Rockcastle Co KY)

  12. The children of Beecher Mise and Leland Garrison are:

    1. SHELBY MISE (lives in Hazard, KY)

  13. TOMMY MISE (b. @ 1912; res. 1940 Laurel Co KY; d. around the Blue and Black Diamond Mine in Harlan, KY; 23 years old when married; (m1) POLLY HUFF m. 16 November 1934 Laurel Co KY; 23 years old when married; b. @ 1908)

  14. The children of Tommy Mise and Polly Huff are:

    1. THELMA MIZE (b. @ 1930 KY)

    2. ROBERT E. MIZE (b. @ 1932 KY)

    3. ALICE JEAN MIZE (b. @ 1935 KY)

    4. THOMAS "TOMMIE" MIZE (b. 20 August 1937 Laurel Co KY)

    5. NORA MAE (b. @ 1940 KY)

  15. *BERT MISE (b. 7 Apr 1915; d. 13 Jul 1967; bd. Hickory Gap Cem Campbell Creek Hazard Perry Co KY (m1) MARIE RADCLIFF m. 8 September 1936; d. 1942 KY)

  16. *MILLARD MISE (PHOTOS) (b. 13 March 1917 Rockcastle Co, KY; d. Apr 1977 Ohio; lived in Norwood, Ohio; bd. Rest Haven Memorial Park Evendale Hamilton Co Ohio (m1) RACHEL VIRGINIA "JENNIE" NIX b. 11 May 1918 London Laurel Co KY; d. 4 Mar 1998; bd. rest Haven Memorial Park Evendale Hamilton Co Ohio)

  17. BESSIE MISE (b. 27 March 1919 Laurel Co, KY)

  18. *CHARLIE MISE (b. @ 1924)

  19. *HAZEL MIZE (b. 5 April 1909 Laurel Co KY, d. 14 March 1980 Williamsburg Whitley Co KY; (m1) *LESTER NORTON m. 26 April 1932 Rockcastle Co in the presence of Ed Mize and L. Gibbon; son of Joe and Haley Norton; b. 30 June 1909 Cedarsville KY; d. 17 Sep 1990 Laurel Co KY; son of Joseph Robert Norton (PHOTOS) (b. 2 Dec 1887 NC; d. 1 Aug 1947 Rockcastle Co KY) and Mahala Hall (PHOTOS) (1886-1963))

  20. The children of Hazel Mize and Lester Norton are:

    1. BESSIE ALICE NORTON (b. 5 June 1923 Rockcastle Co KY; d. in house fire; (m1) HOMER BASS HOLBROOKS b. 5 August 1923; m. 13 December 1948 Rockcastle Co KY; d. 15 December 1993 Laurel Co KY)

    2. The children of Bessie Alice Norton and Homer Bass Holbrooks are:

      1. PEARL ELBERT HOLBROOKS (b. 23 September 1956 Laurel Co KY)

      2. DANNY HOMER HOLBROOKS (b. 15 February 1958 Laurel Co KY, d. 17 January 1999 Laurel Co KY; (m1) BETTY VAUGHN)

      3. The children of Danny Homer Holbrooks and Betty Vaughn are:

        • ANGELA RENEE HOLBROOKS (b. 15 January 1976; (m1) RUSSELL ROBINSON)

        • The children of Angela Renee Holbrooks and Russell Robinson are:


    3. AMANDA NICOLE HOLBROOKS (b. 19 Aug 1985)

    4. JEREMY DWAYNE HOLBROOKS (b. 16 Jun 1987)

    5. FLOSSIE ANN HOLBROOKS (b. 15 Oct 1964 Laurel Co Ky; (m1) RICHARD VAUGHN)

    6. The children of Flossie Ann Holbrooks and Richard Vaughn are:

      1. MICHAEL WAYNE VAUGHN (b. 28 Oct 1983)

      2. ALLISON LEANN DANAE VAUGHN (b. 21 Sep 2001)

    7. JOE YOUELL NORTON (b. 20 March 1947)

    8. LEWIS LILLARD NORTON (PHOTOS) (b. 20 March 1947; d. 15 August 1947 Rockcastle Co KY; bd. Hibbard Cemetery Rockcastle Co KY)

    9. PAULINE NORTON (b. 11 September 1938 Rockcastle Co KY; (m1) EDDIE PROFFITT)

    10. The children of Pauline Norton and Eddie Proffitt are:



      3. The children of Linda Sue Proffitt and Virgil Vaughn are:

        • JOSH VAUGHN

        • JODY VAUGHN

    11. MAMMIE MAE NORTON (b. 25 May 1945 Rockcastle Co, KY (m1) ROBERT PROFFITT)

    12. The children of Mammie Mae Norton and Robert Proffitt are:


      2. The children of Hazel Lynne Proffitt and Bobby Collett are:



Rock Quarry Photo

This is one of the rock quarries next to the Rockcastle River where the Ump Mize cemetery is located.


Humphrey H. Mize was born January 1, 1857 in Kentucky, and died January 2, 1940 in Laurel County, Kentucky. His first marriage was to Elizabeth Boston on April 26, 1878 in Laurel County, Kentucky; she was the daughter of William Boston and Artie Rash. Elizabeth was born November 18, 1859 in Clinton County, Kentucky, and she died February 23, 1933 in Laurel County, Kentucky. “Ump” which was the nickname he used, was 21 years old when he married the 22 year old Elizabeth. There were seven children produced during this marriage. “Haley” as she was known by gave birth to the following children: Harvey G., James Logan, Mollie, May, Robert, Minnie and Hazel. He then married Vada “Alice” Woodall on March 30, 1916 in Laurel County, Kentucky. The marriage certificate states that he lived at Bernstadt which is a Swiss settlement located east of Billows (Rockcastle Co, Kentucky) where his father, Isaac Mise lived. Ump’s profession is listed as being a farmer when he married her. Ump was 54 years old at the time of this marriage to Alice Woodall. She was 34 years of age when she married him. Ump lived on the same land tract that his father Isaac had once lived which was at the end of Mize Branch located next to Eagle Creek in Rockcastle County, Kentucky before moving to Laurel County side of the Rockcastle River. This is indicated on the 1880 and 1900 Kentucky Census of Laurel County, Stepping Stone District which borders the Rockcastle River. During the marriage to Alice Woodall , Ump added more children to his family. Alice gave birth to the following children: Millard, Bessie, Beecher, Bert, and Charlie.

"There are many tales told in the tri-area of Pulaski, Laurel and Rockcastle Counties about Ump Mise and his family. It was told that Ump was the “roughriders” in the sense that they shot first and asked questions later. Ump Mize was THE regional tyrant king of moonshining even though he drank more than he sold! He was very steeped in the manufacture of illicit liquor known as “rot gut” Apparently the corn farming he did on Mize Branch area went into a jar. If he did not have enough corn, he could find it elsewhere because of the 4 or 5 area mills within five miles of his home. During the 1930's , Ump was a tenant farmer giving 1/3 of his crops to the land owner. He is listed as being 73 and Vada was listed as being 44 years of age at the time of the 1930 census. Other stories have a family tie concerning murders, and so forth. Ump and his tyranny was put to rest on 2 January, 1940. Drummers, which were traveling salesmen, would stop at his home and sometimes stay overnight with Ump’s family. Ump was said to have killed those people for their merchandise, goods and personal valuables. He would then dispose of the body or bodies by burying them on his farmland. At other times he would dump the murdered person in a well located at the junction of Hawk Creek wagon road and the Evans Ferry road. Ump was the supposed local community pirates. Members of his family also participated in exploitation. Mae Mize his daughter toted a 38 caliber pistol throughout her life on the river. She lived by the Evans Ferry through road. She also lived beside Ump Mize near the Rockcastle River Bridge at Billows. At one time, she blockaded the gravel road and forced people to pay a self enforced illegal toll for using the road. She normally used the pistol to coerce the people to pay the fare (Personal Interview with John Bolin 1983).”

"There were a lot of people killed by Ump Mize’s family members. Ump supposedly shot the arm off of his relative Cecil Mize during a gun fight which occurred over name calling. A woman named Vada stole Ump away from late wife while staying with Ump and his wife (Personal interview with Shelby Mize 1989).”

"Ump lived in a shack located on the west side of Rockcastle River, directly across from the confluence of Hawk Creek. The house has burned down (Personal interview with Damon Mize 1987)."

“Beecher’s sister, Hazel Mize married Lester Norton (spic). Norton beat her up one day and went to the Hibbard’s house to eat dinner. Beecher walked into the kitchen and picked up a canning jar of hot peppers and smashed it into the face of Norton. It cut Norton up severely. Beecher pulled a sawed off shotgun which he carried under the lapel of his coat in a holster and was going to kill him. Mr Hibbard (Albert’s father) grabbed a hold of Beecher and dragged him away from the kitchen. This was witnessed by Albert Hibbard (Personal interview with Damon Mize 1987)."

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