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Anna Mize

Ann Mize and James McCalister photo James McCalister gravemarker

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ANNA Mise (b. 5 Jan 1869 Rockcastle Co KY; d. 3 Feb 1895 Pulaski Co KY; bd. possibly at the Conard Cemetery or Line Creek Cemetery Pulaski Co KY (m1) JAMES HUTCHINSON MCALLISTER m. 5 May 1885 Rockcastle Co KY; Anna would have been 16 years old at the time of this marriage, the marriage certificate states that Anna was married at the Isaac Mize House in the presence of William McClure, E. S. Lovins is Surety, Witnesses are William McAllister and Fed Watson ; b. 15 Apr 1866 Pulaski Co KY; res. 1940 Pulaski Co KY, 1930 Dist 6 Pulaski Co KY, 1920 Pulaski Co KY, 1910 Burdine Pulaski Co KY, 1900 Dist 5 Dallas Pulaski Co KY; d. 28 Aug 1953 Pulaski Co KY; bd. Conard Cemetery Pulaski Co KY; son of William McAllister (b. @ 1823) and Rebecca Ellen McKinney (b. @ 1841) (m2) ROANN ARTHUR b. 9 Jun 1869; d. 2 May 1946; bd. Conard Cemetery Pulaski Co KY; daughter of James Arthur and Hannah Brown)

The children of Anna Mise and James Hutchinson McAllister are:

  1. LUVADA MCALLISTER (cm1; b. 11 Sep 1886 Somerset Pulaski Co KY; d. 28 May 1969 Somerset Pulaski Co KY (m1) MILAS G. ATKINS b. 20 Jan 1879 Burdine Pulaski Co KY; d. 22 Jul 1920)

    The children of Luvada McAllister and Milas G. Atkins are:

    1. WILLIAM VIRGIL ADKINS (b. 18 Apr 1906 Somerset Pulaski Co KY; d. 20 Jan 1997 Somerset Pulaski Co KY (m1) SARAH LENA WELLS b. 1911 MT; d. KY)

      The children of William Virgil Adkins and Sarah Lena Wells are:

      1. UNK ADKINS

      2. UNK ADKINS

      3. UNK ADKINS

  2. LUTHER VICTOR MCALLISTER (cm1;b. 20 Feb 1889 Line Creek Pulaski Co KY; WW1 draft registration states: medium build, tall, hazel blue eyes, brown ; res. 1940 8th St Columbus OH, 1930 Barthalemew Co OH (m1) NANNIE ANGEL b. Feb 1893; daughter of Alvin Angel and Sarah E. Vanhook)

  3. SUSIE ELLEN MCALLISTER (cm1; b. 24 Sep 1891 Pulaski Co KY; d. 4 Aug 1919; bd. Conard Cemetery or Line Creek Cemetery Pulaski Co KY (m1) ROBERT "BOB" TAYLOR m. 14 Jul 1912 Pulaski Co KY; b. 21 Jun 1879 Pulaski Co KY; WW1 draft registration card states: medium height, stout build, gray eyes, dark hair, farmer at Conrad Pulaski Co KY)

  4. The children of Susie Ellen Mcallister are:

    1. BONNIE ADA TAYLOR (b. @ 1919)

  5. WILLIAM MITCHELL MCALLISTER (cm1; b. 19 Nov 1893 Line Creek Pulaski Co KY; WW1 draft registration card states: Short, medium build, brown eyes, red hair, defective eyesight, farmer at Conrad; d. 5 Aug 1926; bd. Conard Cemetery or Line Creek Cemetery Pulaski Co KY (m1) ADA TAYLOR (PHOTOS) b. Pulaski Co KY; d. 3 Jun 1976; bd. Lakeside Memorial Gardens Pulaski Co KY)

  6. The children of William Mitchell McAllister are:

    1. WILLIAM BERL MCALLISTER (PHOTOS) (b. 1923 Somerset Pulaski Co KY; res. Florence KY; d. 23 Jan 1977; bd. Lakeside Memorial Gardens Pulaski Co KY (m1) MARJORIE LAUGHLIN m. 1946; )

    2. The children of William Bert Mcallister and Marjorie Laughlin are:

      1. WILLIAM T. MCALLISTER (res. Lexington KY)

      2. ROBERT MCALLISTER (res. Ft Knox KY; Lieutenant)

  7. SARILDA BEA MCALLISTER (cm2; b. 4 Dec 1901 Pulaski Co KY (m1) CLAUDE RANDOLPH)

  8. MARANDA MCALLISTER (cm2; b. 12 Feb 1905 Pulaski Co KY; d. 19 Jun 1931; bd. Conard Cemetery Pulaski Co KY; buried with her parents, Mitchell; she is buried with last name of McAllister not Hargis (m1) CHESTER HARGIS)

  9. VIRGINIA LEE MCALLISTER (cm2; b. 13 Apr 1903 Pulaski Co KY (m1) MELVIN TAYLOR)

  10. The children of Virginia Lee McAllister and Melvin Taylor are:

    1. ELWOOD TAYLOR (m1) NORMA F. MIZE daughter of Theodore Mize, grandaughter of Jim Riley Mize and Alice Whitis)

  11. DAVID MALVIN MCALLISTER (cm2; b. 27 Mar 1907 (m1) REBA ""RUBEL" ARTHUR)

  12. The children of David Malvin Mcallister and Reba Arthur are:

    1. J. W. MCALLISTER (b. @ 1939)

    2. FRANCIS H. MCALLISTER (b. @ 1940)

  13. SARAH ADDIE MCALLISTER (cm2; b. 31 May 1911 Pulaski Co KY; d. 17 Feb 1912; bd. Adkins Cemetery Pulaski Co KY)

  14. IDA MAY ARTHUR (b. Feb 1891)

  15. MARY D. ARTHUR (b. Mar 1894)

  16. MARTHA M. ARTHUR (b. Mar 1894)

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